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About us

Today, O’DASSIA paints is the first commercial sign in ecological painting in Morocco.

It offers a rich variety of choices to professional painters and to prescribers with a great and unique trend lines and design.

O’DASSIA has from the start taken a daring challenge which is to manufacture toxin-free paints. This initiative allowed the society to become in 2013 the first and unique trademark in Morocco and Africa to receive the European ECOLABEL : a gurantee of ahigh technical and ecological performance.

O’DASSIA paints is :

  • Based on water and is free from any harmful substances that may affect one’s health
  • With no evaporation of the diluent, It’s the perfect rampart against the risk of catching asthma or allergies related to solvent based paints.

Our values

The project we are carrying for O’DASSIA is based on the following values :

Requirement and innovation that guarantee a long term performance.

Environmental commitment which gives us the chance to balance between the development of the society and the respect of the planet.

Audacity that makes us build and perceive the future with creativity.

L’exigence et l’innovation

What distinguishes us ?


No harmful substances that may affect both : the environment and the users.

Reduced drying time

Practical, easy to apply and the drying time is optimized.


Close to you, there are more than 10 showrooms and 500 sales outlet all over Morocco.


The best to prevent allergies and asthma related diseases.

Large choice

An inspiring gallery to select your paints.

Better performance

Innovative and Economically advantageous


ecological and environmentally friendly.


of our turnover are ECOLABEL products.

references, textures and colours.

Our references