Retro-Futuristic Elegance:
Immerse yourself in a modern Art Deco ambience

Modern Art Deco is an interior design trend that draws its inspiration from the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s, while adding a contemporary, luxurious touch. This ambience is characterized by opulent elements, bold geometric patterns and sumptuous materials. If you aspire to create a raffiné and glamorous space, here’s how to dive into the modern Art Deco vibe.

Art Deco colors: The Art Deco color palette is luxurious and sophisticated. Opt for rich tones like gold, deep black, midnight blue, emerald green, powder pink and pure white. These colors create an ambiance of grandeur and elegance

2 Geometric motifs: Geometric motifs are emblematic of Art Deco. Use patterns of diamonds, zigzags, stripes and geometric shapes for wallpaper, rugs, cushions and upholstery. These motifs add a touch of boldness and dynamism to the overall look.

3.Art Deco furniture: Art Deco furniture is characterized by its elegant design and raffinée finition. Look for furniture with curved lines, finitions in lacquer or Chinese lacquer, and materials such as brass, glass and marble. Leather club chairs, glass coffee tables and glamorous dressing tables are just some of the options.

4 Retro-Futuristic Accessories: Accessories play an essential role in the modern Art Deco ambience. Opt for sun-shaped mirrors, ceramic vases, crystal table lamps and gold frames to add a retro-futuristic touch to your space.

5 Luxurious materials: Luxurious materials are at the heart of the Art Deco ambience. Use marble, velvet, leather, brass, glass and mirror to create an opulent ambience. These materials add a sense of grandeur and luxury to the space.

6 Modern Art: Art plays a key role in the modern Art Deco ambience. Hang abstract paintings, modern sculptures or reproductions of iconic Art Deco works to add an artistic touch to your space.

7.elegant lighting : Lighting is an essential element of the Art Deco ambience. Opt for crystal chandeliers, brass floor lamps, frosted glass wall sconces and silk lampshades to create an elegant, subdued ambience. The modern Art Deco ambience is a tribute to the opulence and elegance of the Jazz Age. By following these tips, you can create a glamorous, sophisticated space that evokes the retro-futuristic charm of Art Deco while remaining resolutely modern. It’s an invitation to timeless elegance and refinement, perfect for those seeking a bold, luxurious decorating style.

Modern Art Deco atmosphere:

Colors: Gold, black, midnight blue, powder pink. Materials: brass, marble, velvet

Key elements: geometric patterns, curved furniture, glamorous lighting