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O’DASSIA products:

Two essential considerations are always at the heart of O’DASSIA’s concerns when creating and producing the various paints: the quality of the product and its impact on the user’s health as well as the environment that surrounds us.

First pledge: Making sure you get your money’s worth!

The catalogue of coating products has been designed first and foremost to meet your expectations: at each stage of production, we ensure that the quality of the different varieties of paints in our inventory is maximized.

The O’DASSIA Product Catalogue is composed as follows:

  • Coatings: can be used for smoothing, filling, or decoration. They can also be a combination of several functions.
  • Underlayments: are used to prepare the backgrounds before applying the paint or any type of coating. They smooth out irregularities, opacify, and give the final result a nice shine.

To be used on the following bases: plaster, metals, wood, tiles, glass or laminate

  • Vinyl paints: are a water-based paint containing vinyl acetate. This second component provides excellent adhesion and good covering power.

here you can find more information on the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl paints  

  • Simple Water Acrylic Finishes: are composed of acrylic resin and water. They dry by the evaporation of water and not of solvents. This is their main difference with oil paintings. Water-based acrylic paints are also known for the following properties:  
    • They are odourless
    • They contain a very low level of VOCs
    • They are very easy to apply
    • They have very high covering power and whiteness
    • O’DASSIA products do not yellow over time
    • They have a very high resistance to washability: class 2 according to NF EN ISO 11998

By following this link you can find more information on acrylic water-based paints

  • Special paints: are paints with technical characteristics that allow to protect the different backgrounds. they can also have decorative characteristics if desired. The catalogue of special paints offered by O’DASSIA includes the following products:
    • ODAFER: rustproofing primer
    • ODALOXANE: waterproof and microporous, high water repellency.
    • ODASIF: Filling of cracks in masonry, plaster and wood.
    • ODELAST: waterproofing and impermeability of terraces, roofs, and any other facades exposed to weather conditions.
  • Tinting product: are water-based dyes of very high concentration that are compatible with any other water-based paint.
  • Wood varnishes: Are used to provide a protective film and allow a certain aesthetic appeal (shine / matte) and can be colored or not.
  • Printing paints: They prepare the base with a binding agent that is part of their composition. The printing paints have several virtues that allow an excellent and durable final result:
    • avoids over-consumption of decorative paint
    • evens out the surface and masks its imperfections
    • covers porosities
    • Prevents the alteration of the finishing color (due to the under- and over-shading effects of the support).

Second pledge: Acting responsibly!

The second pledge raised by O’DASSIA is that of its civil and environmental liability. In order to minimize the impact of the various coating products on your health (asthma risks and allergies related to solvent use) and on the environment, O’DASSIA has designed a completely water-based inventory without any harmful or dangerous products for health. This resulted in her obtaining the ECOLABEL certificate in 2013. O’DASSIA remains to this day the only Moroccan and African brand known for its ecological and eco-responsible actions.